Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

Volunteer Team Leader Application
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Team Leader volunteer opportunities are available at the Cypress Center (4001 North First Street, San Jose) and Brennan Center (524 Brennan Street, San Jose) facilities. Please indicate below if you would like to work at Cypress, Brennan, or "Both".
          • Use your Skills to Lead our Food Sorting and Boxing Projects 
          • Become a Leader in your Community and help us End Local Hunger 
          • Experience Needed: Minimum 50 hours of Warehouse Food Sorting
          • Minimum Age Requirement: Must be 16+ Years Old

Team Leader opportunities require volunteers to be 16 or older.  For other volunteer opportunities please visist our volunteeer website.

Volunteer Services Team Leader Safety Agreement

This agreement certifies that the following individual, as a volunteer Team Leader, understands, abides by, and upholds the following safety guidelines:

1.  Manual Pallet Jack Safety:

a.  Only trained and SHFB staff-approved volunteers can use manual pallet jacks.

b.  No stepping or riding on pallet jack forks. When exiting sort room to warehouse, go operator-first.

c.  Park pallet jacks with forks down, away from walkways, and where they cannot present a tripping hazard.


2.  Warehouse Power Equipment Safety:

a.  Only SHFB staff can operate power equipment.

b.  Keep volunteers at least 5 feet from any moving equipment.


3.  Warehouse Safety:

a.  Use extreme caution when passing from the sort rooms to the general warehouse.

b.  Use wall-mounted mirrors to look out for approaching forklifts / pallet jacks.

c.  Load and park pallets in designated spaces so as not to block driving paths or emergency exits.

d.  Ask for permission and guidance from Volunteer Services staff before entering the cooler or freezer.

e.  No food boxes may be placed on the floor, even when empty.


4.  Pallet Safety:

a.  All empty pallets must be stacked horizontally. No leaning pallets allowed.

b.  No mismatched, crooked, turned or tilted pallet stacks. Please do not stack over shoulder height unless directed.

c.  Only use a pallet for stacking product if it’s the correct size and in good condition.

d.  Use designated stacking patterns and maximum heights to avoid pallet collapse.

e.  No stepping on pallets – boards can snap and entrap feet or ankles.


5.  Safe Use of Knives and Box Cutters:

a.  All knife blades must be in the fully retracted/covered position when not in use. Only use sharp blades so as to avoid requiring excessive force on the blade and thus increasing the risk of injury.

b.  Cutting area must be free of clutter and trip hazards and at least 3 feet from any other volunteers or staff. Volunteers must stop working and move away from any totes being cut down / shortened.

c.  Firmly anchor all materials before cutting. Cut away from your body and, if possible, toward the floor.


6.  Injuries:

a.  If a volunteer is injured in any way during a sort, have them stop working and notify a SHFB staff member immediately. If they can move safely, bring them to the reception area to wait for assistance.

b.  If necessary, call 9-1-1 and clear space around the injured person.

c.  Even minor cuts must be treated with proper first aid and covered with a bandage and a glove over the bandage.

d.  Always lift using proper technique. Ask for assistance when moving heavy and/or high-reach objects.